About An American Bear in Paris

An American Bear in Paris is a sequel to Grand-Pére Bear, a children's book written for single-digit-year-olds. An American Bear in Paris is written for the young at heart double-digit-year-olds through second childhood readers. It's written for folks who don't read books often. It's easy, under 100 pages, has a glossary, and illustrations suitable for framing. 

One caveat, Parental Guidance advised: No sex or violence, but if your religion won't appreciate bears who contemplate heaven and hell, you shouldn't read it. It'll make you think (if you can suspend belief for talking bears). It's got the yin-yang of Paris and life in the Ozarks. 

In perhaps too simple a way, it speaks to the beauty and freedom of Paris and the terror that can follow us anywhere. 

I had fun writing it and hope it makes you smile. 

About Grand-Pére Bear

Grand-Pére Bear is a children's story. While its target age group is 2nd through 5th grade readers, it's also a good story or picture book for younger ones. There are 18 full-page illustrations by Nathaniel Dailey that tell the story without the need for words.

Within the words are themes, morals, and lessons that will resonate with readers of all ages. Grand-Pére Bear tells the story of a man and a bear who form an unlikely friendship based on both learning from and teaching the other. 

It is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Click here to order the book directly from Moix Publishing and receive free shipping. 

For more info, email information@grandperebear.com